Happy Hour in Wigan

Happy Hour in Wigan

If you wonder why an old fashioned socialist like Jeremy Corbyn has been re-elected leader of the Labour Party you could pay a visit to the deindustrialised North. George Orwell learned a lot up here in 1936. Eighty years later many in Wigan are waiting for „Socialism of the 21st century“ to arrive.


British author and artist Edmund de Waal about the obsession with porcelain, Austria and his international bestseller „The Hare with the Amber Eyes“.

Instead of profiting from a chaotic government situation after Britain’s Brexit vote on June 23rd the Labour party is about to destroy itself. Jeremy Corbyn seeks re-election as leader.

This is an updated English translation of an article which appeared in profil.

If you would be a left wing British leader of the opposition and you would want to show the world the deplorable consequences of neoliberalism, what would you do? On his way to a campaign meeting in Newcastle Jeremy Corbyn threw himself last month on the floor of a train and complained that there were not enough free seats for him and his entourage to sit on. In his view this was clearly caused by the privatization of British Railways.