Tessa Szyszkowitz in conversation with Sathnam Sanghera EMPIRELAND How Imperialism has shaped modern Britain Sathnam Sanghera’s book Empireland hit Britain in 2021 like a thunderbolt. At a time of great division, when the post-Brexit island is arguing about what it means to be British, Empireland is a groundbreaking revelation - a much-needed and enlightening portrait of contemporary British society, shining a light on everything that usually gets left unsaid. In conversation with Tessa Szyszkowitz the author will discuss how the British Empire remains a subject of both shame and glorification. In his bestselling book he shows how the imperial past is everywhere: even in the British response to the COVID-19 crisis. “Sathnam Sanghera’s new book is nuanced, intelligent and even entertaining It is also refreshingly honest…As well as chronicling the familiar sins of empire, particularly in India, the author gives a fair hearing to those who emphasise the more positive aspects of imperial rule.” The Economist “Empireland is Sathnam Sanghera’s mission to decolonise himself.” The Times “I only wish this book had been around when I was in school.” Sadiq Khan, London mayor Sathnam Sanghera was born to Indian immigrant parents in Wolverhampton in 1976. The author is has been shortlisted for the Costa Book Awards twice, for his memoir The Boy With The Topknot and his novel Marriage Material. Empireland has been longlisted for the Baillie Gifford Prize for Non-Fiction. He is a columnist for the Times and lives in London. Tessa Szyszkowitz is a journalist, writer and historian currently working for Falter, profil & Cicero. Her last book was Echte Engländer, Britain & Brexit (2018). She is also Senior Associate Fellow at the Royal United Services Institute in London. Recorded at Kreisky Forum, March 18, 2022