War in Ukraine - no peace for Europe

War in Ukraine -
No peace for Europe


Tessa Szyszkowitz in conversation with MISHA GLENNY 


Recorded at Kreisky Forum, October 3, 2022

What is at stake for Russia and what for Europe? Misha Glenny arrived just in time for the European Zeitenwende in Vienna in May 2022, when he took up his new post as rector of the Institute for Human Sciences. For decades the Viennese thinktank has built a reputation to collect intellectual voices from Eastern and South-eastern Europe. 

A task that has never been as important than right now, when relations between Russia and the West, but also the regions in between are feeling the tectonics shifts created by the war Russia’s president has unleashed on Ukraine. The biggest question of the coming months will be how this war affects not only the Ukraine itself, but also Russia and Europe. 

While the Ukrainian government, its army, soldiers, and civilians are struggling to resist the Russian invasion, the West and in particular European capitals must stand united and defend democracy. 

Misha Glenny argues in his conversation with Tessa Szyszkowitz what is needed – also in areas where Russia and the EU are struggling for influence, the Western Balkans for example. Plus: Russia attacked Ukraine not only for geopolitical interests, as Glenny will also reveal. 

Misha Glenny is a British author, journalist and specialist in organized crime, cybersecurity and Eastern and South-eastern Europe. He served as Central Europe correspondent for The Guardian and the BBC. His acclaimed book McMafia: A Journey Through the Global Criminal Underworld was adapted into a BBC drama. In May 2022 he was appointed rector of the Institute for Human Sciences in Vienna. 

Tessa Szyszkowitz is a foreign affairs commentator for Falter and a London correspondent for profil & Cicero. Her last book was Echte Engländer, Britain & Brexit (2018). She is also Senior Associate Fellow at the Royal United Services Institute in London.